Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Get the Ball Rolling

I love that the Treehouse was started by a women's Bible study group. They did some research to find out what the blind spots were in Wichita organizations. We have a lot of pregnancy crisis centers in this city. We have organizations to help moms get through pregnancies. We have organizations specifically geared to help children, such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters. But one thing we needed was an organization to help moms deal with new babies.

The Treehouse is a staple in Wichita now. The staff upload pictures of items they need, and soon, the items are appearing. For many, it's a go-to place to donate children's items. And the Treehouse works in conjunction with Goodwill--what they cannot use they donate to the thrift shop, and receive vouchers to give to moms. Everything looks so easy from my point of view--some nice women got the ball rolling, and now everything looks so easy, so streamlined. While I recognize that their journey must have been at times a very hard and frustrating one, it's amazing to think that an idea can be realized. They had a vision and made it happen. They got the ball rolling.

So many people come together to make the Treehouse work. The Treehouse works in conjunction with recommendations from pregnancy crisis centers, among other organizations. They utilize social medias as well as local medias. And things happen. The Treehouse is now expanding their vision to mentor moms to help them gain employment. While I was there, staff was passing out frozen chicken to help moms with grocery bills. They get the ball rolling and help in any way they can. That's progress for our city. 

From the outside it looks easy. Look a little closer, and it looks possible. 

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