Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I made a little birdhouse to decorate with in the Treehouse today. I'm not very artistic so it turned out a little funny. My original plan was to cover the birdhouse in scrap paper, but I was too lazy to properly measure it out and ended up painting the poor thing and cutting out birds from the paper to glue around the entrance.

Today I've been thinking about how little I've contributed to helping people in my city through 60 hours of community service. It was painful to give up that time while working and studying. On the other hand, I enjoyed being at the Treehouse. While I was there, the staff shared soda with me. I've had donuts and cupcakes, and even was given a little marigold flower in a pot at one point. I enjoyed sitting at the store desk, and when I was sorting in the storeroom, I could bring my ipod in and listen to music and podcasts.

In some ways, I feel like volunteering at the Treehouse is a jumping off point for me. I found it was very easy to get involved in volunteer work; the women who worked with me were extremely kind, and the work was easy and fun. It was a great first step, and makes me wonder what other kind of services like this exist in Wichita that are in need of help. I loved volunteering here, but I also want to be involved helping in a way that is more challenging for me. Now I feel ready and know where to start.